New Beginnings

So, this is my first post.  As I said in the introduction, this is a new chapter in my life and several people suggested I start a blog.  Back in December, I applied to Colorado State to their Counseling PhD program.  My plan B at that time was to go to Best Friends (see links) in Utah to work for a year while I reapply.  I was denied at Colorado State because they accepted only 5 of the 274 applications.  Plan B was implemented.  Looking back now, I'm wondering if I applied to Colorado State so that I would have this Plan B.  Who knows?

The plan to go to Best Friends was prompted by my research goals.  I would like to further research and implement methods in the area of using companion animals during therapy sessions with people.  I think we can do much more that what is currently happening; which is having the animal present but not really implementing the animal in any way.  I have the Psychology degree and will eventually have the PhD, I need the applied animal behavior experience.  What better way to get that experience than to go to Best Friends?

If you don't know what Best Friends is...what's wrong with you?!  :)  If you don't know, go to their website.  They're wonderful and amazing.  I was able to visit a couple of weeks ago.  I went there in the hopes of getting an interview.  That didn't quite happen but my purpose and desire to go there were further strengthened.  The sanctuary itself exceeded my expectations and trust me, the expectations were high.  The town turned out to not be as bad as I had imagined.  It's small but there is more there than I had expected.

My job at Wesleyan was cut a little short (a whole nother story) so I have procured a part-time position at the farm at Hephzibah Children's Home.  For those behind the times, I worked there in 2007.  I loved it but couldn't handle the fact that there was more work than time and I wasn't getting paid enough.  We're going to leave it at that.  This time around, it definitely will be part-time.  I've learned a valuable life lesson from my previous stint at Hephzibah and while working at Wesleyan; I cannot do it all.  I spent a lot of time and effort at both places, neglecting my own health, with no real happy ending.  I hope to not let this happen again.

Back to the move - I have purchased a motor home.  For those that know all the RV/Motorhome terminology, forgive me, I'm not there yet.  My motor home is a 30 footer 1986 Mallard Class A.  I have no idea what that means but it's nice and clean and will do just fine.  This is good considering I will be living in this motor home once I arrive in Kanab.  This will save me money as the average rent in Kanab is $500 a month and an RV site in town is $200.  The RV site fee includes utilities.  The motor home really only has a little less square footage than what I am in now so it really won't be a huge adjustment.  Plus, whatever happens, I'm ready to go.  :)

I'd like to briefly mention my visit to Vegas en route to Kanab.  It was awesome!  I spent the day with Lia.  I took over for her when she left Wesleyan.  She and her husband and 2-year-old, Chloe, live in Vegas.  Lia is also expecting a second baby and will probably have it any minute now.  I show up at her house around lunch time.  Chloe and I bonded over fresh strawberries while Lia pulled amazing treats out of the oven and fridge.  She also made some whipped cream while we were standing there.  After lunch, a minivan holding a 2-year-old, a very pregnant woman, and a very carsick me pull into Red Rock to go hiking.  We wound up doing about 2 miles; which according to Lia was the kids' hike.  It was beautiful and it was so good to see Lia again and be able to spend some time with her.  On a side note, those of you who know me know that I don't especially like being around children.  I immediately loved Chloe and would do anything for that child.

OK, enough ramblings for now.  I leave on the 30th so I'll probably only do one more entry before I pull away from Macon; then the real fun begins.  :)

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